Aluminium Boats Australia builds and engineers fast ferries and vessels for commercial and private applications using the highest quality materials and latest construction techniques. We understand the importance of owning a reliable, efficient and low maintenance vessel to operate your business.
In 2002 Aluminium Boats Australia built two 15 metre catamarans for Bay Islands Taxi Service on Russell Island, east of Brisbane. In October 2003 we launched a 23m wave piercing catamaran motor yacht, ocean capable with a 10000nm range, and a 22m wave piercing catamaran ferry for Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort on Moreton Island was launched in September 2004.
Through innovative technology such as the wave piercer hull design and our reputation for building superior quality vessels, exceptionally designed, strong and sea worthy, we anticipate building many more into the future.

Womens Boots

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The Characteristics of a Good Business Coach Melbourne


When you make the decision to seek the consultation of a Business Coach it’s because you want to take your business to the next level and maintain continual growth towards meeting your business goals and objectives. You definitely want to find the perfect fit for you and your business as the future success of your business is going to be greatly influenced by this chosen professional. To help you determine which Business Coach Melbourne is right for you, the following characteristics are identified that are crucial traits of a Business Coach. These characteristics influence whether your partnership with a Action Victoria Business Coach will be successful or not:


  • Seek a Business Coach who is recognized by the International Coach Federation. This is a professional association for professionally trained coaches.
  • Be sure the Business Coach Melbourne has experience in identifying problems facing small business and offering guidance on the resolutions of any business issues. It is particularly important that his/her experience be within your specific industry.
  • A Business Coach must be supportive of the needs and aspirations of your business. He/she must have the ability to motivate and encourage you to accept business-related challenges and to overcome any difficulties you will face when operating a small business.
  • Your meeting time is important. Be sure your Business Coach is patient, a good listener, and willing to allow you adequate time to interact with him/her to ensure the success of your business.
  • A Business Coach Melbourne should have built a positive reputation for themselves, being respected by other business owners and professionals.
  • Your Business Coach needs to have a genuine interest in you and your business and the desire to help you and your team reach your business goals and objectives.
  • A good Business Coach Melbourne is an excellent motivator. He/she needs to have the skills to inspire you, allowing your business to reach its fullest potential. This occurs through feedback, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Lastly, a good Business Coach is an effective teacher. He/she should understand how to manage and guide your learning so it is tailored for your individualized needs. This enhances your performance in operating your business.

A good approach for verifying these characteristics in your Business Coach Melbourne is by contacting their references. By speaking with your coaches previous clients you can get an idea about how successful he/she was is building a successful business for them. Recommendations from other small business owners are also a good way to find the right fit for your business.